Reckless Dice #30: Horror at Hugeldal Review (spoilers)

***SPOILER WARNING*** We discuss the recently played adventure, The Horror at Hugeldal in detail.  We speak with the GM about how things went, where we derailed, and expose plot threads that may have been missed.  We review the adventure from a story and mechanics perspective and follow that up with a dose of character advancements and plan our next foray.

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  • Hello guys and gals – great stuff. One point I would like to address is the fine balance between what players know and what characters know and how it relates to all role playing games. For instance, as a person and a longtime role player, that the oiling of the doors at the inn meant someone was going to try to sneak in at night. Now, as a player character, my bounty hunter (or Troll Slayer, etc) may have missed the observation check and not known that. It’s a fine line – being a frequent GM, as a player, I can pick up on some common GM “tricks” or “plot twists.” How do you handle that in a game and do you incorporate much of players’ personalities and ideas into how characters act and think?
    Worth a discussion point, I think.

    • Like you say, it is a very fine line, especially for those who have either played a lot of have GMed. I am forced to constantly remind myself to play what my character would do/know. In my head i have all sorts of ideas of what is or will happen, and have to hold back and restrict it to what Konrad would know or do.

      This often means doing something to the detriment of the PC, either walking him into danger, or failing to protect himself when you as a player know something bad is about to happen. I find this is a tough thing to do but almost always results in a very exciting and entertaining encounter.

      Specifically, when Konrad noticed the greased hinges in the inn, I as a player had no idea what it meant (though in retrospect it was quite obvious). And Konrad was feeling grumpy and suborn at that point so even though everyone told him to be careful, he said “yea, yea, i got this” and then went to bed. I knew it meant something, but at that moment, he didn’t know what, so he accepted the missed opportunity.

        • Thank you, the group had a lot of fun with this adventure, and Chris did a wonderful job GMing.

          Harrower of Thanes, our next adventure will be a lot of fun.

  • finally caught up today on your live play podcasts and this was by far one of my favorites. i listen to a lot of different podcasts from a variety of systems and warhammer 3E seems to be the best for a live play because a lot of the game terms ie stress and fatigue and the dice results do not break immersion. if you listen to other systems like pathfinder or 4E parts of the session become all math in the case of pathfinder or very video gamey with daily powers, healing surge etc. in 4e. in warhammer 3e many of the mechanical results seem to lead to you guys adding to the story to the explain the mechanic instead of just killing the immersion.

    keep up the great work and im hoping you guys are able to tackle the enemy within in podcast form when its released.


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