Reckless Dice #31: Back From The Darklands

Jordan and Jesse are back in action after a little break.ย  We tackle a mountain of news, Hero’s Call, two POD supplements and one big @$$ map.

11 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #31: Back From The Darklands

  • hey there,
    the POD process is capable of doing the half sized cards. the mansions of madness POD is an example where both the action card size and the mini critical card size exist in the one POD

  • Thanks for the plug but it’s actually Ceodryn’s who created the group, I am merely his loyal henchmen who has tasked himself to get some games running.

    • Oh my gosh im sorry Ceodryn! You guys are both fantastic. I’ll be sure to give another plug next episode with the correct information.

      • No worries, it’s great to get a plug for the group! It is building up nicely. Plus, Fenderstat is far from an henchman ๐Ÿ™‚ as he is the lead on the latest idea to grow the group.

  • listening to witches song live roleplaying feed – excellent concept but who who
    is the GM – my god what a droler drone drone – even when acting
    as a npc or main character no voices acting interaction – very robotic and not
    inspiring or grabbing – poor in my eyes but just my opinion

    • I am the GM of that series (Gitzman). I’m sorry to hear you did not enjoy those adventures. GMing is a tough thing to do, and something that I am always trying to improve upon. I’d encourage you to listen to our newest live session: Harrower of Thanes, part 1. We do a lot more voice acting for NPCs.

  • Hey Gitzman! Excellent work with the podcast and the map! You’re doing a great thorough job with covering the game behind the scenes and in action (there’s just no pleasing everybody… ๐Ÿ™‚

    So far after coming late to RDP I’m just catching up, but I wanted to bring to your attention a great interview with Graeme Davis regarding the v3 TEW that appeared on the Small But Vicious podcast
    Small but Vicious Special 4 : The Writer Within

    One thing about the new TEW he mentioned that I found very intriguing is the potential that their are multiple potential endings in that the villain could end up being any of the protagonists. Basically if the group appears to set on X being the main villain than the plot line allows for the GM to change it to Y being the villain.

    Keep up the great work.

    • They did do a great interview, very informative. We covered it briefly in Episode 30 or so. We are really excited about that adventure and love that Graeme is still involved.

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