The Harrower of Thanes: Part 1

The “Unwitting Servants of Justice” venture forth towards Black Fire Pass.  They get comfortable with Dwarf culture, eat some stone bread, battle a politician and overcome a lisp.  Who is Stonepaunch? Whats the deal with the Penny Tax?  Is Rob’s third horn turning purple?

12 thoughts on “The Harrower of Thanes: Part 1

  • Oh wow. The laughable Lord launched a litter of loving laughter lightly from mine mouth, kudos to you sir!

    Also, Helga fed the female dwarf goat cheese from Rob the male goat? Yes, he is one special goat!

    • Hahaha, that’s right, Rob is a male isn’t he. Helga will have to explain where that ‘milk’ came from. Thankfully the Dwarf maid liked it and didn’t question it. Lets also not forget that Rob is mutating too.

  • “Lets also not forget that Rob is mutating too”
    Ahhhhhh, so what you’re saying is that Helga saw that Rob was making some sort of weird fluid and her first thought was to make it into cheese? Was she using the female Dwarf as a food taster before she markets it to humans?

    I can see the slogan now,
    “No need to grub in the dirt for horrible green beans, Smiling Rob’s goat cheese contains all your daily vitamins and minerals in one tasty lump; note: may contain traces of chaos”

    • You know it occurred to Leila and I that this was not the first time she had distributed this mysterious “goat cheese”.

      I am sensing a sub plot brewing here where Helga is either knowingly or unknowingly distributing tainted “cheese”. A Witch Hunter is investigating strange insanities and mutations, and his only lead is that they were fed a fantastic cheese beforehand. He is getting ever closer in an attempt to curb this heretic of The Empire.

    • i would be most interested in Helgas milking technique, 2 challenge coordination check hur hur hur…alright I’ll stop being sleezy. it was a good session, I haven’t picked the supplement up due to a lack of dwarves in my two groups. Is it worthwile if your group doesnt much care for the bearded folk?

      • The adventure surely assumes that you have at least one Dwarf in your party, and a lot of the reasons you are going on the adventure are based on Dwarven pride and history. So i’d say it would be a little bit of a stretch as written, to play it without a Dwarf. Though you could certainly tweak it slightly to a more exploratory/adventure mission into an ancient Dwarf Hold and be just as well off. The only part that i think was Dwarf Only, was the intro part in Karak Azgaraz. The rest, anyone can do.

        This is the only Dungeon romp style adventure WFRP3 has to date. And its not that much of a dungeon crawl, but as close to it as we can get at the moment. Its a pretty straight forward on the rails adventure, but very entertaining none the less.

  • I have just finished listening to it. Your Theodsius von Tuchtenhagen is just great. Laughed all the way home from work. 🙂
    And Helga seems to be the only voice of reason in it: “You realize that he is leading us to our doom!?” and then silent agreement of the dwarfs, yes, why not. 🙂 Simply great.

    Also the other guys are quite dwarfen like: “Killing Orcs getting money, sounds great.” Thats the spirit. 🙂

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