Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 7

The party recovers from the festival with a questionable memory of events past.  Once organized, things get underway and an excursion down to a nearby troubled village begin.  On the road, tensions get high and memories bubble up from the night before.  Who knew a trip down the road could be so entertaining?

Reckless Dice #33: Where Am I Going?

Jesse, Jordan & Leila, along with Dave [Thorin], discuss Beaver Buzz, Coffee Crisps, and soft stuffed beavers… and some Warhammer related materials, including: Career Planning, Decision Making, and Long Term Goals. Our school guidance counselors would be proud. Warhammer Travel Guide & Distance Mapping PDF Mo’ Cheese Please (a thoughtfully cheesy blog about things inspired […]

Reckless Dice #32: Who Am I?

RDP gets real and talks about what we bring to the table when creating a PC. Do you play yourself? Do you be who you always wanted to be?  Do you live out your fantasies as a female Dwarf Agitator?  RDP and a special Bretonnian guest spill the beans. WFRP3 Virtual RPG Google Group Olde […]