Reckless Dice #33: Where Am I Going?

Jesse, Jordan & Leila, along with Dave [Thorin], discuss Beaver Buzz, Coffee Crisps, and soft stuffed beavers… and some Warhammer related materials, including: Career Planning, Decision Making, and Long Term Goals. Our school guidance counselors would be proud.

6 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #33: Where Am I Going?

  • Mo cheese please links back to the RDP ep33 site. You prob should fix that, I crave cheese knowledge!

  • To clarify the peanut butter/jelly question:

    In Germany, Italy and France as far as I know there is no real school bread peanut butter fraktion. The place of the sweet and high energetic breadsurface is solely ruled by nutella or simply butter and jelly. You can buy peanutbutter in most german supermarkets today, but its sold number is in no comparison to the sold nutella mountains in the markets.

    And as for peanutbutter in the old world. The peanut wasn’t common in the middle ages in europe, as the potato wasn’t too. Both originate around the andens in south america. The potato was brought into europe around the 16 to 17th century by the spains and englishmen, so maybe the old world has in Tilea and Estilia its first potatohouses in the opening. But the peanut needs tropic or subtropic climates.

    As for Helga, maybe you should visit the lizardmen in their steaming jungles in lustria. Maybe they politely offer you a peanutbutter sandwich before they cut your beating heart with a very sharp obsidian knife out.

    Another source might be the High Elfes who had a lot of different outposts around the world, some of them in the southern hemisphere. (Citadel of Dusk, Fortress of Dawn) But High elves might be the best lead to find the peanut. As of my dwarven point of view, they always seem to me as the guys who eat their peanut butter sandwich with the edge cut away. πŸ™‚

    But be sure to take the official merchant routes to Lothern in southern Ulthuan or they will burn your ship and let it rot on the bottom of the sea. And never leave the merchant quarter in the city or they will kill you instantly or torture you to death.

    So either way, bringing the peanut butter into the old world might be a task for an epic journey through the Known and unknown Warhammer World.

    • If I could favorite your comment, I would! πŸ™‚

      We love our Nutella here too but peanut butter is definitely more of a staple.

      I love your questing idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of making a Halfling character and I think yours is an interesting character background suggestion — a well-traveled halfling who is trying to broaden the Empire’s palate by finding and introducing exotic foods.

      Thanks for listening!

    • What a fantastic reply! Haha, i mean, did you know all this ahead of time or did you do a little research? I love the Warhammer tie-ins =)

      • Well I knew some of the real world the stuff about the potato before but made some research on Wikipedia. I was rather surprised that the peanut is from the same corner of the planet. Strangely the Warhammerwisdom was instantly there. πŸ™‚

        As an addition for the quest of the peanut I have forgotten a party in Lustria. The Amazons, surviving Norse Women of an ill fated expedition who rule the land from in their jungle hut towns, scantily clad, blonde and bronze skinned. Like a village full of Jwowws, all the male juice heads are slaughtered after their first night with queen Snooki.

        So asking them about the fabled peanut might result in some adult entertainment and/or violence plus an itchy rash.

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