Reckless Dice #35: The Harrower of Thanes Review (spoilers)

We break it down with the participants of The Harrower of Thanes.  We talk what could have happened, what should have happened and where things went wrong.  The group discusses their likes, dislikes and how we could have improved upon the adventure should we run it again.

The Harrower of Thanes: Epilogue

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ decide they are no longer adventurers, they are starting to become heroes, or at least adventurers who look fancy.  Helga takes a liking to a Kislevian bear that just won’t quit, the Dwarfs get drunk, and there is a lot of resting, recuperating and partying.

The Harrower of Thanes: Finale

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ enter Karag Dronar with little knowledge of what lies within.  What follows is one of the most epic moments the group has yet faced.  Blood will be spilt, stories will be told, and there is a Squig… enough said.

Reckless Dice #34: Why Do GMs Love Killing PCs?

RDP is back, sans Lester once more (we miss you) to tackle the sensitive topic of slaying a player character.  Does it feel good?  Do you like doing it? Do you think your GM has it out for you (he does)? We are joined by our good friend from down under, Daniel Wise of The […]

The Harrower of Thanes: Part 2

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ head into the Black Fire Pass, following their new guide Hans.  The Pass is a dangerous place, Greenskins and worse abound.  Will Karag Dronar be within their grasp? Will Black Fire Pass consume the Servants?  Will Thorin loose any more limbs?