Reckless Dice #35: The Harrower of Thanes Review (spoilers)

We break it down with the participants of The Harrower of Thanes.  We talk what could have happened, what should have happened and where things went wrong.  The group discusses their likes, dislikes and how we could have improved upon the adventure should we run it again.

One thought on “Reckless Dice #35: The Harrower of Thanes Review (spoilers)

  • Sounds like this adventure begs to be filled. Maybe throw in horror at hugedal and/or journey to black fire pass plus a few custom adventures along the way and you could easily make this adventure the basis of a 15-20 3-4 hour per session campaign. Overall quest to push the players travelling further plus whatever else to throw at them along the way.

    I stand by my original opinion of good job and best one since witches song (not better than witches song as that’s my favourite adventure so I’m biased). If you had the luxury of a long campaign you could foreshadow the big bad. eg dwarf in nearby hold saying “long ago and evil beyond imagination plagued these lands, Mithrad the Dwarfslayer (or something)……”. Maybe a statue of a human fighting a similar beast (blown out of proportion due to folklore) in grimstot and a local legend of of it, maybe it was a dwarf and the dwarf is a local legend, saved the town but the evil escaped to hide amongst the hills for all eternity? Maybe come across another abandoned hold with paintings of Mithrads (or whatever it’s name was) destruction.

    Of course for review and live play purposes your team aims to play as close to the adventure as possible with the resources given to you to provide us with relevant feedback so you could never really do that. Sure HoT has some plot holes but if your a GM with the time on their hands and the motivation to alter written adventures you could fill them in pretty easily by the sounds of it.

    I liked it.

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