The Harrower of Thanes: Epilogue

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ decide they are no longer adventurers, they are starting to become heroes, or at least adventurers who look fancy.  Helga takes a liking to a Kislevian bear that just won’t quit, the Dwarfs get drunk, and there is a lot of resting, recuperating and partying.

6 thoughts on “The Harrower of Thanes: Epilogue

  • Probably your best written adventure yet since the witches song. Sounds like my type of scenario, a bit of travel, shifty npcs with hidden agendas, a bit of greenskin comedy laced with lethality and a bit of Warhammer history with the dwarves. Didn’t see the big bad coming though, certainly never came across one of those in my wfrp career but I’ve always wanted to.

    Having Gromm back was great, I felt the dwarfs had gone soft with Helga nagging at them all the time, good to see them returning to their gruff and unaccommodating selves. I like the third wheel feeling, the dwarves and their mates with their injokes and their culture and Helga the human feeling left out to some degree with them not answering her questions and such.

    Danger Dave managed to further worsen his position, because of this I am now expecting Thorin to attain at least one permanent wound per adventure, if he doesn’t I would feel like I missed out somehow.

    Also Helga should consult this following guide on bear handling

    Note the diet of bugs, fruit and honey and apparent love of lethargy and Jazz music.

    • Fen, i’d glad you enjoyed it. I’m curious to hear your thoughts after you hear Episode 35, where we do a breakdown of the adventure and what our thoughts were.

      We are gearing up to have Chris (Grom) run The Mirror of Desire (the Slaaneshi adventure from Lure of Power) next. I’m not quite sure how Thorin is going to loose more limbs in this one since it is largely a social adventure but it should be good fun.

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. Helga never nags. And Grom loves Helga (see: Scene Where Grom Buys Helga a Stuffed Teddy Bear to Make Up for Her Disappointment at Not Being Able to Buy the Bear).

  • You think so Helga? Maybe you shouldn’t take his “kindness” at face value. Maybe he knew you were up to something and he bought you the stuffed toy to distract an or shut you up beause he didn’t want to deal with the fallout. The same way you would buy a toy for a child to distract them from something.

    What do you know about Gromm Helga? Boy your dwarven “friends” sure have changed since he returned. You see them talking amongst each other in Khazalid. You don’t know what they’re saying. Who’s to say there not talking about you?

    Don’t let the dwarves constant rattling about honour and loyalty fool you. Deep down you know it’s all a lie, there just as selfish as an Altdorf street rat. They talk amongst themselves see because they don’t want you to hear . They’re talking about you lady, how to get rid of you and steal all that gold you’ve got.

    Gromms the problem see, he’s the one causing the divide. He aint so high and mighty when he’s asleep, maybe you should slip a dagger in his ribs? You know he’s going to do it to you. If I were you i’d sleep with a dagger beneath your bedroll, one eye open and be wary next time your “friends” invite you out to the forest all alone.

    Can you really trust these dwarves? Do they have your best interests in heart? If so how come they are always trying to get you killed in danerous situations? Food for thought adventurer, that’s all……

  • I feel like that’s unnecessarily sinister. See: the scene following the scene where Grom gives Helga the teddy bear, in which Grom is saddened that Helga rejected the white teddy bear he got for her.

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