The Mirror of Desire: Part 1

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ find themselves entwined in a love circle with the nobility of Ubersreik.  The party familiarizes themselves with the suitors and suspiciously eyes what could be the root of some devious plot, a beautiful young woman.

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 11

Deep in the woods and on the track to a lost loved one, things get a little hairy.  The group finds themselves far from home, far from friends and  neck need in an ancient conflict in which they have already inadvertently moved some pieces.

Reckless Dice #36: Writing Your Own Scenarios

Jay “Emerikol” Hafner stops by to discuss writing your own adventures.  We talk about a upcoming Convention Scenario Contest learn what is necessary to participate.  Will Reckless Dice submit a scenario?  Maaaayyybbeeeee =) Scenario Writing Contest Page

Buried, but not Forgotten: Part 10

With the noble in tow, the party has to decide what to do. Pressing matters drive the group into the hills to the south, jeopardizing plans for Konrad and his captive.  Tensions are still high, everyone is on edge, and an ill prepared adventure into the foothills is imminent.

The Raven

The Olde World League presents a custom written adventure by Daniel Wise, The Raven. Our adventuring party of mercenaries find themselves happening upon a small town, deep in the woods, north of the Middle Mountains.  Things quickly turn strange and the party is left fending for what is real and what is not.  Madness, castles, […]