Reckless Dice #36: Writing Your Own Scenarios

Jay “Emerikol” Hafner stops by to discuss writing your own adventures.  We talk about a upcoming Convention Scenario Contest learn what is necessary to participate.  Will Reckless Dice submit a scenario?  Maaaayyybbeeeee =)

4 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #36: Writing Your Own Scenarios

  • Thanks for letting me go on and on about scenario authorship. It really is as simple as just writing a 1-10 step railroad for your first one.

    1. How do the PCs get drawn in? (e.g. hired by local merchant, suddenly they are attacked and must seek vengeance, etc.)
    2. They found out the problem and have been hired, so they need to go to the library to find out more (or quiz some peasants)
    3. They follow their first clue to a combat, which gives them two more clues
    4. Their second clue turns out to be a red herring
    5. Their third clue leads them to a puzzle or a problem solving issue. (e.g. Bunch of skill checks, or a progress tracker). This gives them a major foretelling about who the big bad evil guy (BBEG) is at the end. They have two new clues towards how to get to the BBEG
    6. Clue #1 leads them to another combat with clues or a red herring.
    7. Clue #2 leads them to a mysterious location where the BBEG is no longer at (abandoned rebel base).
    8. They follow up to the Henchman of the BBEG
    9. They fight the BBEG/final showdown.

    You can break it down into acts if you need to. Maps and NPCs sometimes help me visually grasp an idea.

    Hope this helps!

    Jay H

  • Hey crew – best episode in a long time… Concentrating on “elements of story” is the way forward – a more important thing to having a great time than even the mechanics…. Thanks for this one!

  • I agree with Bryan.

    I prefer playing in scenarios written by the GM. They feel far more personal and are usually more interesting. I think you should do more of these types of episodes, and have a few segments on how to use bad guys and the like.

    SBV podcast has entire episodes dedicated to that but you don’t need to be like them, just a quick 10 minute section on “Beastmen as antagonists and how to use them in an adventure” or “Types of adventures you could have in the Grey Mountains”.

    Some little adventure leads which will spark the budding writer to try something other than written adventures. People say that “I only play written adventures because I don;t have time”. I find that writing your own work is far quicker and easier than trying to interpret someone else’s.

  • Regarding the bear/pets in general; I too would be disappointed if I had to direct a pet every round to do the same thing but I think it’s already covered under the ‘Trick’ Talents, they do seem to represent continual actions by the pet, if you want to direct them to do something very different every round that feels more like an action to me.
    With regard to continual attacking, perhaps a Trick that inflicts 1 wound to an engaged enemy every round?

    I myself would be wary of giving any pets their own turns for fear they would upset/outshine the other players, you are essentially adding a second character for one player.

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