The Raven

The Olde World League presents a custom written adventure by Daniel Wise, The Raven. Our adventuring party of mercenaries find themselves happening upon a small town, deep in the woods, north of the Middle Mountains.  Things quickly turn strange and the party is left fending for what is real and what is not.  Madness, castles, birds and poetry follow in a thrilling and highly entertaining adventure.

7 thoughts on “The Raven

  • Epic! Really loved it. Is it possible to get this adventure in a written form (there was a text mentioned).

    Great Story and also a very funny party.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Any suggestions on improving as I intend to run it two more times for my local group and online group (so far I’ve ran it for the OWL and the RDP).

      The scenario will be available later this year as Emirikol is helping me enter it into the 2012 scenario competition.

  • Come on guys, that episode was a complete train wreck. I had to keep listening just because I was amazed at how lame it was.

    • Really sorry you didnt enjoy the experience. Personally, I enjoyed the adventure.

      If you would like to offer some constructive criticism for discussion i’m sure it would be well received.


    • Yes it is rather excessive, I was surprised that everyone I ran it for liked it as it’s basically an excuse to read out this think l liked and an excuse to harass players with dickish NPCs (dickish NPCs being a feature in almost all of my games). I could have ran a “safer” scenario and was going to but it was suggested by a few people that I do this one as it’s a bit different to the norm.

      Definitely not for everyone that’s for certain. There certainly is a lot of chatting in this one and it’s 100% non combat, did you pick up the clues or did you not like the concept of the final scene?

  • Haven’t even got a chance to listen to this one yet. But playing a few sessions with Phillipe as GM for the OWL was a great gaming experience. Its nice to see the continued collaboration across the Globe (both RW and OW)! Then Phillipe jus sent the OWL folks a link to your reference guide and suddenly all my head scratching and confusion with WFRP v3 was gone (for the most part :-D). You’ve definitely got a knack for organizing what FFG seems to just at times puke up onto the page leaving the players to sort through the mess! Keep it up and I look forward to listening to this podcast. If you ever want to have an Alaskan gamer on your show let me know ;-).


    Curtis Jackson (Grolsch Van Eyke)

  • You know I reckon FFG should pay these guys for fostering the community. Jay H for keeping the forums alive and Valvorik for answering all the rules questions all the time. Without these three we’d have a sad old game community indeed.

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