The Mirror of Desire: Finale

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ find themselves knee deep in a timeless plot of love and deceit.  Esmerelda is far from what she seems and the party is in trouble of becoming enbroiled in a plot of things far more powerful than they bargained for.

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  • its funny. in most other rpgs ive played i always feel my characters would be sufficiently motivated to keep adventuring after overcoming even horrific challenges but i think if my character participated in this adventure i would probably retire him after seeing all that. i do think a brief prologue and/or GM behind the scenes cast would be cool though. there is a lot going down in the end.

  • kinda ended like a coen brothers movie. No resolution or epic battle with Kelsydra. Was this due to time considerations or did the GM plan it that way?

    • Funny you say that, we just recorded Episode 37, where we discuss the ending and how things could have gone differently.

      I think after the horror we all felt, both as characters and players, that we were so traumatized that the unresolved ending was perfectly fitting. We walked out of the house, blinked at the sun, and bleary eyed, walked home without saying a word to anyone. It was like a major mental blow to everyone, where the true horror is that the bad guy got away, and really, everyone loses. #iLoveWarhammer

      • Everyone seemed pretty nonchalant about Jonas invoking the ghost as well… I’m currently playing this scenario so this was great. Glad your GM un-PGed it a bit. I found the draining of the S/M sexuality of Slaanesh kind of lame in the book. Looking forward to your breakdown.

  • Hi,

    I have the episode downloaded and hear it soon. But at my home PC I can only download 2,8 MB and then it stops. I have tried it on several days several times. Is the file ok?

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