The Assassination of Santino Marello

The Olde World League presents a custom written adventure by Daniel Wise, The Assassination of Santino Marello. Our adventuring party of mercenaries find themselves hired by a Tilean judicial champion who believes he is the target of an assassination.  He has already thwarted two attempts, can he attempt a third with the help of the […]

Crimson Rain: Part 1

The ‘Unwitting Servants of Justice’ now crippled by their experiences with Slaanesh look for greener pastures in the far north.  But like many times before, find themselves in the middle of an unwanted conflict that they are forced to become part of. Will Grom sucumb to his baser instincts as a slayer and draw the […]

Reckless Dice #37: The Mirror of Desire Review

The members of Mirror of Desire do a recap and review of the sessions/adventure.  We discuss in detail how the adventure could have gone, and where we derailed with the game master, Chris Wagner.  We also catch up on some news and speculate on the future of WFRP3.