Reckless Dice #37: The Mirror of Desire Review

The members of Mirror of Desire do a recap and review of the sessions/adventure.  We discuss in detail how the adventure could have gone, and where we derailed with the game master, Chris Wagner.  We also catch up on some news and speculate on the future of WFRP3.

4 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #37: The Mirror of Desire Review

    • Guys, not sure what is happening for you regarding accessing the episodes. Can you let me know how you are trying to access them? iTunes? What version. Can you access the by downloading them from our site? By clicking the play link and listening to them via the in browser player? Help me narrow down what works and what doesn’t so I can try and look for a fix.


      • Hello,

        I try it by rightclick “save target as”. The download stops after 3,6 MB.
        When I click on the play symbol it stops after roughly 3 minutes.

        The enemy within episode I can download up to 8MB before it stops.

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