The Assassination of Santino Marello

The Olde World League presents a custom written adventure by Daniel Wise, The Assassination of Santino Marello. Our adventuring party of mercenaries find themselves hired by a Tilean judicial champion who believes he is the target of an assassination.  He has already thwarted two attempts, can he attempt a third with the help of the adventuring party?

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One thought on “The Assassination of Santino Marello

  • Hi, I like a lot your podcast and have started following the Buried but not Forgotten campaign arc. I write because I have been unable to download episodes 9 and 10. It seems the file is corrupt or something, because it stops at around 5MB while downloading. This is happening both with direct download and using ITunes. This has happened also while trying to download the Raven episode (I have not tried to download others yet).

    At the beginning I thought it could be my connection, but I have tried to download other podcasts of similar size and have been able to do it without a problem. I’ll try to download them again another day, but just wanted to let you know.

    And thanks a lot for sharing the podcast. It has a very good quality and is full of great ideas.

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