Reckless Dice #39: How to End a Campaign

The group gets back together and tackles how to end a long term gaming group. We talk strategies to approach the finale, how to make everyone happy, and of course, how to slay them all. Now of course this is all with the intention of starting a new campaign shortly afterwards using the new and […]

The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 1

The adventurers clash at the Averheim docks amidst a growing series of disappearances.  The city is in turmoil after the death of the Elector, Marius Leitdorf.  Can our group of heroes with varying interests and goals find a common thread?  Probably not, but they may still save The Empire despite themselves.

The Enemy Within: Character Creation

We jump right into generating new characters for The Enemy Within campaign.  We utilize the new, fancy, background cards, and have quite a bit of fun weaving them into the story and with each others backgrounds.  Chris has chosen to be a Zealot, Nate a Priest of Sigmar, Dave, a Scout and Leila, a Road Warden.

Crimson Rain: Finale

It all comes down to this.  The group is as strong as ever, and they are about to face their greatest foes.  Bloodshed awaits, but will they intervene in time to stop it from getting out of hand? Will everyone come home alive?  Thorin, Baerdin, Grom, Helga, Rob the Goat and Mishka the bear set […]