Reckless Dice #39: How to End a Campaign

The group gets back together and tackles how to end a long term gaming group. We talk strategies to approach the finale, how to make everyone happy, and of course, how to slay them all. Now of course this is all with the intention of starting a new campaign shortly afterwards using the new and fancy Enemy Within campaign box set which was just recently released.

6 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #39: How to End a Campaign

  • About the bum knee; why don’t you just give the character an appropriate Severe Injury or maybe a permanent Critical Wound?
    Mangled Limb is nice, but a bit harsh – maybe Nagging Injury. I don’t have Omens of War, so I can’t really make suggestions about Severe Injuries.
    Maybe give him a couple of experience points to compensate?

  • Just found your podcast (link in your sig on the FFG forums) and am about half way through episode 0 (i have allot of listening to do to catch up!). I’ve been playing Table-top GW games since about ’89 and got into WFRP 3rd with some friends about a year and a half ago. We played through Day Late, Eye for an Eye, and part of Journey to Black Fire Pass before I broke down and pretty much got everything that was available at the time. I started running Gathering Storm for our group and got through the first act before we sort of petered out. Recently, we all cleared up our schedules and we are diving back in where we left off. If you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions…

    1.) I just made an order for the Creature Vault, Black Fire Pass, Signs of Faith, and Omens of War…and couldn’t find anywhere online that had the dice packs in stock. Checking threads on BGG and FFG, this seems to have been an issue for a while now… You seem to be in the know, are FFG winding down this product line? Is it in danger of being discontinued now that they’ve just barely fleshed out all of the core rules?

    2.) I heard you mention KublaCon in Episode 0. We are down on the central coast, near Cal Poly, and I have been the last few years to play in the Warmachine tournaments there…I am seriously considering leaving the minis at home and looking for some WFRP sessions there this time around. Are you, or any of your group planning on running anything this year?

    • 1.) It is really hard to say, but many seem to think that major new releases for the game are starting to wind down. However the Print On Demand service (POD) is an easy way for FFG to continue to support the game with regular content, and they have been doing that consistently for the past year or so since it was introduced. You will hear a lot of people say the game is dead, and the game is alive. In my opinion it doesn’t matter too much one way or another, they have released a huge amount of content in the last 3 years. I’d love to see more, but there is SO much content between 2nd and 3rd edition which can be easily converted, a lack of content and lore should never be an issue.

      2.) Yes I do plan to go again this year along with a few of our hosts and friends and regulars. Happy to hook up and get some games on while there.

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