Crimson Rain: Finale

It all comes down to this.  The group is as strong as ever, and they are about to face their greatest foes.  Bloodshed awaits, but will they intervene in time to stop it from getting out of hand? Will everyone come home alive?  Thorin, Baerdin, Grom, Helga, Rob the Goat and Mishka the bear set off on their final adventure to save The Empire!

5 thoughts on “Crimson Rain: Finale

  • I weep for the familar characters who fell in battle… but most of all I weep for poor Rob the Goat, never shall he become ‘the big cheese’.

    An excellent end for the unwittting servants, I shall miss hearing their ongoing adventures… but look forward to hearing new adventures from the reckless dice group in the enemy within campaign.

    • I have to say, that was one of the most fun adventures we have run. It just felt so cinematic in my head while writing it. I hope it came off that way too. Either way it was great seeing everyone have what seemed like a fitting end for each of them.

      Chris made a great drawing of Khelga shortly after the turned which i’ll probably post some time on the facebook page.

  • Really enjoyed listening to this adventure, but you guys were killing me with the Crit rules. You only die from crits if you get knocked out from wounds and have more crits than Toughness. If you pass out for any other reason (i.e. stress) you don’t die, even if you have more crits than T. Also if you only only take damage from minimum wound result. All crits get converted to normal wounds (i.e. 7 damage +2 crits vs 4 toughness + 3 soak=2 wounds). I’m not sure if you talked about this in the new Pod cast, as I will be playing with my group and can’t listen. Can’t wait until we are done though, so i can listen. Keep it up. Love listening to you guys.

    • Eair, you are quite right. We got caught up in the moment of the game and instead of stopping the flow to look up the specific rule i chose to wing it and get ‘close enough’. Though you do bring up an interesting point about passing out when past your WT. I hadn’t considered that you only die from wounds at that point but it makes sense.

      Regarding dishing out critical wounds, I as the GM really wanted to get everyone busted up since it was the finale and the fighting was getting crazy. We took a few liberties to wrap things up in as cinematic way as possible. =)

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