The Enemy Within: Character Creation

We jump right into generating new characters for The Enemy Within campaign.  We utilize the new, fancy, background cards, and have quite a bit of fun weaving them into the story and with each others backgrounds.  Chris has chosen to be a Zealot, Nate a Priest of Sigmar, Dave, a Scout and Leila, a Road Warden.

3 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Character Creation

  • i dont think i will get to play enemy within any time soon so i will have to experience it vicariously through you guys. im looking forward to seeing how a priest plays. no one has played a priest in any of my groups.

  • Great session as always! Question Jesse, your players gave you grief for your heavily marked up TEW campaign book. You note that you reinforced the binding. How? Even better, throw up a photo! Thanks!

    • Hah, will do. i’ll post it to the facebook page this afternoon. Though i didnt reinforce the binding of the book, rather i reinforced the strength of the markets i placed in the book so they wouldnt move around.

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