The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 1

The adventurers clash at the Averheim docks amidst a growing series of disappearances.  The city is in turmoil after the death of the Elector, Marius Leitdorf.  Can our group of heroes with varying interests and goals find a common thread?  Probably not, but they may still save The Empire despite themselves.

9 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 1

  • if you were using the party card the tension meter would have burst into flames.

    this situation while entertaining is why i always have the PCs know each other and trust each enough to work together in situations where their lives could be on the line.

    at this point i dont think it would be “realistic” for prudence and dave’s character to ever travel together let alone trust each enough to fight a combat where their lives are on the line with the other character nearby. i am quite curious how this is going to be resolved 🙂

  • Personally, I really enjoy inner-party tension. It makes the game far less predictable and keeps the GM on his toes! I’m just as curious as you to see how our new social dynamics are going to impact the unfolding storyline. I hope there’s plenty of drama!

  • Good luck bringing the party together! That’s some drama! If you can pull it together, the shakey beginnings will just enhance the story (like a buddy movie). Or else they may end the campaign before it begins! Is “McTavish” from Northern Albion? Good stuff…

  • Woot! Someone used the word Scofflaw in context!

    Fun episode, I always think the adventures that throw a party together, rather than being a party already, make for the best stories. Friends overcoming difficulties in a quest is fun to hear but strangers with reason to distrust one another, who bicker and fight amongst themselves as much as them fight ‘evil’… that’s good listening!

  • Yeah. Lots of tension all right.
    I have this really great idea about what should happen now (80’ies buddy-cop movie style – Yeah!), but I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do.

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