The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 4

wfrp-tew-475The party is forced to decide how to handle mutants in the wild, not everyone is on the same page.  The clues leading to the identity of the Black Cowl grow in complexity and the impending plot suspected by the adventurers grows in turn.  Prudence is growing wary of the nobility, while the PCs begin to feel the ramifications of their outlandish behavior in the docks.  Perhaps their new employer can shed some light on Averheim’s troubles?

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 4

  • It is endlessly infuriating to me that Prudence ignores the fact that the mutant was a murderous highway man and lets her go, but wants to arrest the zealot when he kills her. Worse than drawing sword on the sigmarite priest when he’s questioning an extortionist about his stolen gold.


    Great podcast guys keep it up.

    • Lets just say that Prudence has had a bumpy road trying to figure out who to trust in the Warhammer world =) At this point she prettymuch just hates everyone and thinks they are all out to get her. She may not be wrong.


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