The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 1

wfrp-tew-475The bells of war toll loud and strong. The very real threat of a Chaos invasion in the North is at hand and Averheim is going to war.  Will it’s lack of an Elector Count and political strife hinder its ability to help The Empire?  What better chance to prove who should be Averheim’s new Elector than at war in the service of The Empire!

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 1

    • Aye i hear it too. It’s been hot out here and the AC has been a necessity. Until things cool down a bit that little buzz is going to stick around.

      I did try isolating the sound an removing it, but it had too much of an impact on the rest of our voices so i opted for the lesser of two evils =)

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