The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 5

wfrp-tew-475The party looks towards completing the ritual to cleanse the bell clapper at the Temple of Ulric. Will their poor planning and cut corners come back to bite them (pun intended)?  The trial for Von Aschenbeck is underway and things aren’t looking good for his longevity. Perhaps the party can find a way to convince Adele that he is innocent of heresy?

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 5

  • thank you for posting these. I am currently listening to number 5 and working my way up. I enjoy all the voices and characters. I just got a Warhammer second edition book from a friend as a gift. Do you like the dice mechanics in yours? it sounds a bit like fudge dice to me?

    • Glad you are enjoying them. Regarding the dice system, it is one of those things that is a little harder to appreciate until you have actually played with it a bit. Most seem to absolutely love it once they have tried it. Personally, i really enjoy the dice system and find it a more useful roleplaying tool than a traditional number system. But, it does leave room for interpretation by a GM and players when dictating results (not so much the pass fail portion, that is crystal clear) which i see as a benefit.

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