The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 2

The party take a road trip to Middenheim! But hey, it is 600 miles and will take 3 weeks.  Who knows what will happen on the road.  Goblins? Probably. Bandits? Definitely.  Nice normal people who just want to chat? Could be. Will they be mistaken for enemies and attacked? Possibly.

The Enemy Within: Book 2, Part 1

The bells of war toll loud and strong. The very real threat of a Chaos invasion in the North is at hand and Averheim is going to war.  Will it’s lack of an Elector Count and political strife hinder its ability to help The Empire?  What better chance to prove who should be Averheim’s new […]

The Enemy Within, Book 1, Part 8

Hot on the trail of the enemy, with evidence in hand, the party begins putting clues together which  pointing them towards danger.  Averheim has had a rough couple weeks, will the party be able to tie up all the loose ends and put a stop to the Black Cowl once and for all?  This episode […]

The Enemy Within: Book 1, Part 7

With the menagerie fete under threat from a demigryph, the party scrambles into action.  Will they save the nobility? Chase after the beast who threatens the party-goers in the hedge maze?  What else could go wrong?  Just as things are spiraling out of control, a mysterious figure arrives at the party.