The Enemy Within: Book 3, Part 3

wfrp-tew-475With the Prayer Service for the Emperor drawing near, the first traces of gun powder have surfaced. To what nefarious purpose will it be used? Can the party trace it’s origins before something devastating happens in the heart of The Empire?  Will the identity of the Black Cowl be revealed?

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Book 3, Part 3

  • Hey guys, great session, what a tense fight!
    I thought the GM was about to overpower the group and eradicate them – maybe as a punishment for the group being so reckless to storm in anywhere without planning 😉 As a GM, I would have had McTavish switch sides earlier, to balance the combat in the group’s favor, but hey – it all went really well and was a blaster till the very end.
    Really looking forward to the grande finale – listening to the whole campaign has really felt like sitting on the table with you. Great characters!
    Best, Hilmar from Germany

    • Thanks so much!

      I am looking forward to wrapping up the adventure too, and seeing how the players deal with the states they find themselves in. Looks like we are aiming for the first week of April for our Epilogue episode.

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