The Enemy Within Finale – Coming Soon!

4 thoughts on “The Enemy Within Finale – Coming Soon!

  • Hoi. (Thats dwarfish for hello)
    I just wanna say how much I enjoy your live Play sessions. Even as I havent heard One of the TEW ones as I Hope One day One of my players will lead One as a GM. 🙂 We have produced the First Five episodes of Ohrhammer (earhammer) in German Last december. It is also a live Play session cast of our warhammer adventures. So of you want to do something like a episode where we can Discuss the finer art of live play sessions I’m your dwarf. 🙂
    So One question. What are your Plans after TEW? Play something from the 2nd Edition?

    • Thanks so much!

      After we do the Finale episode we will likely do an episode or two of the Epilogue to wrap things up in glorious chaotic ways.

      I wish i understood German so i could listen to the Ohrhammer episodes.

      After things are all wrapped up here we will do some dissection episodes where we discuss running a large campaign and what we thought of TEW. Discussing Live Play sessions would be a blast, lets chat about getting you involved in an episode.

      • Well actually it is good that you don’t understand german so you wouldn’t reckognize all the characters I have stolen from you. 😉

        So once your group has wraped up the finaly and finished the Epilogue it would be an honour to show up on one of your episodes.

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