The Enemy Within, Book 3: Finale

wfrp-tew-475the-black-cowlThe party finally confronts the Black Cowl in an attempt to stop an impending apocalypse.  With the might of The Empire all gathered to pray for the health of The Emperor, what better time for the evils of the world to strike out and deal a consolidated, crippling blow?

11 thoughts on “The Enemy Within, Book 3: Finale

  • Great, entertaining session! So much corruption… I’m anxiously awaiting the Grand Finale. I love the compulsive behavior – it creates moments.

  • ***spoilers***

    What a great show: McTavish ringing the bells of doom, that was so cool. Never thought Detlev was gonna make it, alone against so many, with a mean but well-earned additional pistol shot from the other side. But as always the GM got it all right in the end.

    Nice dramatic move to have Markheim there, too.

    Looking forward to the weird ending that is still to come…

  • Sometimes I don’t understand what Leila is thinking. Her character is visibly and irrevocably mutated. She’s standing in the Temple of Sigmar facing the Grand Theogonist and an Archmage of the White College, both of whom are sworn to destroy mutants. And even if she somehow gets past them there’s a hundred Sigmarite warriors and witch hunters waiting below who will slaughter her on sight. Literally the only choices are finish the Black Cowl or die a useless death right there. It was nice of the GM to force the first option on her despite her attempts to choose the second. At least all three can finish the adventure together that way before they die. I haven’t listened to the last session yet but I’ll be very disappointed if Detlev doesn’t kill the other two before killing himself, once the Black Cowl is finally dealt with.

    • Brad, thank you for your thoughts. I am very curious as to what you think of the epilogue which handles all the cleanup. Is guess you’d be happy with the results, I was, but curious none the less.

      Happy listening,


    • Brad, thanks for listening to the podcast and taking the time to leave a comment!

      I don’t know that my answer is going to be very satisfying to you but here it is. All the characters I play, including Prudence, seem to be driven by an innate hope-for-the-best mentality, a naivete. I’ve come to understand that that kind of hopefulness doesn’t really belong in the Warhammer world but I can’t seem to cut it out of the characters I play. So yes, the odds were certainly stacked against Prudence if she didn’t want to hop into the chaos portal, but since I’d already established that Prudence was “pro-mutant” earlier on in the adventure, I kind of wanted to run with it and essentially force my optimistic mutant self onto the Warhammer world. Had the GM let me take that path, who knows what the dice would have dictated. I might have died immediately, or I might have made it out of town and become a recluse. One of my favorite aspects of this kind of role playing is that there is wiggle room in the game system for unique situations to play out. I very much enjoy pushing through the parameters of any adventure I’m playing because I find entertainment in it. I can respect that Prudence’s decision not to enter the portal of her own accord may have been confounding for a Warhammer traditionalist, but the decision kept the GM on his toes and (at least in my opinion) gave some flavor to the situation.

      Thanks again for listening!


  • Oh don’t get me wrong, in most other circumstances I would have found it highly amusing if you’d gotten away to go join the Red Crown or something. Just seemed like there was only one realistic mode of escape at that point and that was the gate. I’m curious though, did you feel railroaded or were you glad that you didn’t end up not being able to play in the last session?

    I GM a Warhammer game myself, though I use the Savage Worlds rules, and I definitely recognize that there are players who immerse themselves in the world (which is the main reason I use the Warhammer setting, because it is so richly detailed) and those who don’t really care to get too involved with that side of things. Bringing some hopefulness into the setting is fantastic, otherwise you wonder why these people are even bothering sometimes. Just remember your character was born and raised in that world. Maybe it is incumbent upon the GM to clarify things as to what ‘normal’ is in that culture and let you decide if and more importantly why you might feel differently? I don’t know. But I did enjoy the fact that you provided a weight against the Sigmarite hammers that see every problem as a nail.

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