The Enemy Within: Epilogue

WarhammerFantasyRoleplay-TheEnemyWithin_LinoDriegheArtThrown into the Realm of Chaos, the party finds themselves faced with the Ruinous Powers.  They are lured by the four powers of Chaos, bribed and entranced, but will they find the Black Cowl and bring him back for justice? Or will they forever be lost to the chaotic wastes?

8 thoughts on “The Enemy Within: Epilogue

  • So I’ve been listening since the beginning, as it’s a fun story. But man are the PC’s the most unlikable bunch of murder hobos I’ve ever heard of.

    Also take off the kids gloves in combat! There’s no way a Chaos Knight master of warfare goes down after 13 wounds, especially with a total soak of 9 as was mentioned. Plus suddenly switching focus for no reason when he was about to take down Detlef?

    Aside from making things very easy for the players I enjoy listening to the episodes greatly, but this group of characters likely should have died long ago. I mean archibald alone in the previous session and this dropped how many times?

    • These characters? Murder Hobos? I submit you have never heard a group of Murder Hobos!

      I can’t disagree with your other comments though, rules as written I think a lot of what happened in the game wouldn’t have happened as it did. But for the story? I think the right call was made. I know this is Warhammer where death, madness and failure are meant to be part and parcel of everyday life but to kill off the characters just before the finale? Not satisfying for the players, not satisfying for the listeners and not satisfying for the GM, all of whom have spent considerable time on these adventures (the GM more than most).

      I have enjoyed our time with the enemy within, and want to raise a glass to thank all involved for making this, kudos to you all.

      • Sigmarites are almost by definition murder hobos. Witch hunters even more so.

        And I think any of them dying before the finish would still be satisfying. Gives the listeners a sense that not everything will go the players way, that they are not guaranteed to complete their task. And it gives the surviving players something to be afraid of, and to not be so reckless in how they act.

        All that said I still enjoyed listening, but it would be fun to hear some APs without the kids gloves.

        I felt cheated it was the coachman, imagine the RP possibilities if it was Bauerfist, the one npc they all mostly respected, and never suspected. But I’m glad it wasn’t the wizard cause that would have been too obvious.

        • “But for the story? I think the right call was made. (…) to kill off the characters just before the finale? Not satisfying”

          I couldn’t agree more! Over the years, I have come to enjoy this story aspect of GMing more and more, and see my players feel the same way. Doesn’t mean they cannot die – just like our heroes in TEW, who went down below zero several times. Keep it thrilling, but try to see your heroes thru the story. Well done, Gitz! Liesting thru the campaign was great – and one would wish to get a podcast of the original TEW campaign one day (using WHFRP3, of course) 😉

  • I’m curious about where you got some of the content in this session. Why was the Khorne monolith replaced with a Chaos Warrior challenge? Where did the extra additions to the realm of Slaanesh come from? Where did the addition of the mansion and captive girl come from in the realm of Nurgle? And the maze, and the villainous monologue in the Castle (which was severely cut down as an encounter…for time?)?

    Finally, while I can see why the 4 additional endings in false Altdorf were skipped, I am again curious as to why? Just for the sake of time?

    • To be honest, i loved the idea of what was presented in the epilogue text, but really just didn’t like what was provided. I thought it seemed like a cheap add-on to the adventure that didn’t give a fun full picture view of the horrors of chaos.

      Regarding the False Altdorffs, they just seemed like a gimmick to extend the adventure and didn’t fit well with the group dynamic we had going at the time. I had always intended their trip to the Realms of Chaos to be a one way ticket.

      So… I decided to be inspired by what was written and make my own 1 session romp through the realms of chaos. The content was largely drawn from texts about the realms of chaos from various editions.

      But to answer your last question, yes time was a factor. I had decided early on that the epilogue would only be a single session. The group was ready to wrap up the campaign, and in the interests of the players, decided to keep it swift and action packed.

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