Reckless Dice #40: The Grand Campaign

With The Enemy Within Campaign complete, the group does a round table discussion, dissecting the campaign, its strengths, weaknesses and much, much more. This is a SPOILER HEAVY episode for The Enemy Within, so please do not listen if you are playing the campaign and don’t want anything spoiled.

7 thoughts on “Reckless Dice #40: The Grand Campaign

  • Really good wrap up episode. Loved how you touch on the comments mine included, though I don’t think Prudence became a murder hobo until later on.

    As for the chaos knight fight and regards to death: yes it would suck to die in the first 15 minutes of a session. No one can argue that. At that point it becomes an issue of timing, because if the death was at the last 15 minutes of a session the same complaint no longer holds water.

    A work around could have been something g like having the realm of Khorne be the second to last realm the party travels through. You get to show off the two fun and interesting realms, and then have a threat of death before finally encountering Tzentch.

    It sucks that Khornes realm is all about blood and killing, as the only thing that would make sense is combat, and at that point the combat should feel deadly. Because what is the point of just hurting them before they get to Tzentch, when you know their wounds don’t matter to the god?

    Having someone on deaths door can mean nothing if it’s not a threat of actual death.

    But my comments aside, I do love listening to you guys, and look forward to future APs, just feel free to kill the players! Breaking the rules/fudging the stats/dice just so the characters always live isn’t fun. Because at that point there is no threat.

    I would be interested in hearing why you didn’t go all out in trying to kill characters in earlier sessions? When there is enough time to add in the other background cards (exile, foreign messenger, etc.)

  • Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your sessions, it’s been great to listen to your adventure!

    You mentioned that the original plan for the epilogue was to give the players a chance to rest up, gather supplies etc. before entering the chaos realm. I’m just curious how this would have been played out considering that all the players were mutants (Faceless, horned, tailed) by this point?

    • Hahaha, you know you are right, i have no idea how that would have played out. I hadn’t considered that when i said that.

      I guess it probably couldn’t have gone any other way than it did at that point.

      • Haha, well I’m actually glad it went the way it did – it made for a much more dramatic and somber conclusion to the session.

        I was thinking back about my favorite monuments from the campaign. I totally agree that the ritual to clarify the bell clapper was an excellent moment – I’m totally stealing that! Another standout moment for me was the reaction of the NPC (Mauer?) when he heard that Prudence had breathed in the warpstone gas… I loved the way you played that!

        Thanks again for the great podcasts, and I look forward to your future entries!

  • Great wrap up guys. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your TEW sessions. I understand that you feel you need to be mindfull of your audience at times and we appreciate that, but we don’t always need to hear an adventure “as written”. Us listeners are here for the players interactions, not a walkthrough of a published adventure.

    I personally feel this campaign could have been bulked up a bit to allow the PC’s to develop more. I would really enjoy hearing some characters develop into high level Heroes, very influential and socially powerfull. As much as warhammer is all about the hero in the gutter there is so much published high tier material which goes unused in many games.

    I’m super excited to hear where your next campaign will go, did in hear correctly it’s in another system? That sounds great, although I was kinda looking forward to hearing Gitzmans Ogre!

    Keep up the great work guys

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