The Gathering Storm: Part 1

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftTwo Wood Elves and a Dwarf walk into a bar… yea it sounds like the start of a bad joke but this is what we are bringing to the table for our Gathering Storm adventure with Chris Wagner as GM.  The Party find itself outcasts among men, some driven by gold, others by balance, and others still by visions of lightning.  What lies in the wet and sodden town of Stromdorf?

6 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: Part 1

  • Just wanted you all to know, I love listening to all your episodes! It’s inspiring, and once I’m done my current campaign with EotE, and finished testing out a Kickstarter system (Clockwork: Dominion), I really hope to try this system out. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a huge learning curve to ‘graduate’ to this from EotE. Keep it up!

  • I also like your gathering Storm approach. Stromdorf has some great characters, and the Dung collector is just the beginning. I’m really excited how things will turn out.

  • When is your next session due?

    The coins you rattle in your games, How many did you need to get to cover all the players needs?

    • E will take a quick break and get back to gaming in a couple weeks.

      The coins are plastic play money. I bought two bags of each type of metal, so pennies are brass, nickels are silvers, and gold dollars are gold. Very cheap and works great. Buy extra silvers.

  • I have been listening to your podcast for a while and I was curious if you had ever considered in a future campaign doing a higher level or starting off at a higher level. For it is very hard to find an actual play of warhammer at higher levels and indeed it is hard to play a camapign to higher levels.

    • While mist of our campaigns are run at the suggested levels, our larger campaigns did have characters up around 35xp.

      We will do the Heros Call adventure at some point and that is geared for epic PCs

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