The Gathering Storm: Part 4

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftWith the Beastman Horde on the run, and the rain still coming down, the part debates their next move. Unnatural lightning strikes hit the ground all around teh region. Perhaps the nearby Garden of Morr is a good place to start?  Lets just get a good night sleep first.

2 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: Part 4”

  1. I have heard the first two parts over my podcast app and havent looked on your website recently.

    It looks great! Great use of the Warhammer Art, great look and feel.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    By the way, my german Live Play Podcast Ohrhammer is now at patreon. I’m trying to finance my new microphone with it. 🙂

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