The Gathering Storm: Part 7

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftWith the threat of the undead behind them, the party finally has a chance to settle down in the quiet town of Stromdorff.  But things don’t stay quiet for long as both farmers and Heir Adler bring about the issues plaguing the South.  Could Greenskins be involved in stolen cattle?

3 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: Part 7

  • Thanks so much for the podcast, which I’ve just discovered! I talked to someone from a local gamestore who said this was the most innovative system he had seen in years, and lamented its discontinuation. I’ve been snapping up items I’ve seen online, just because it looks and sounds so cool!

    • Glad to hear it! It is a fun system with a LOT of flexibility and room for making it do what you want it to do. My main criticism is that there are possibly too many components and bits and bobbles. But the system lends itself perfects to stripping out the parts you dont feel like using, and the game doesn’t feel negatively impacted by this at all.

      Enjoy the episodes and live play sessions!


  • My impression was that the components were pretty modular in that sense, where things like the party stress meter could be ignored. The system itself really seems like it would be wildly adaptable, even beyond Warhammer, with the dice resolving parts of the story as opposed to number crunchy combat scenarios.

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