The Gathering Storm: Finale

wfrp-gathering-storm-box-leftIn a rush back to town carrying the last fragment of the Elven artifact, the party discovers they aren’t quite finished.  A single looming piece prevents them from solving the puzzle.  But this piece has been under their noses all along.

5 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm: Finale

  • I get the feeling that Leila has gotten plenty of practice playing her actual personality in Warhammer. 🙂

  • That was a great buddy comedy ending. I could almost see the Police Chief Moustache on the Sigmarite. Good job, Other Chris.

  • I think I heard you make a comment on the last session that you were switching to Call of Cthulu. Did I hear that right? Is this it for WFRP?
    My online groups are still going strong – 3 hrs every week with players from Asia, North America and Europe (tricky timezone juggling), two GMS each with their own once a week session. WFRP is alive and well!. We have taken and incredible 8 months to complete TGS, because we had some diversions on the way, but last session Nicolas was killed and the PCs are heartily looking forward to leaving the wet, stinking place. We did diverge very, very much the last few months from the published content and now its all original.

    Anyway, your sessions in all the games have been great and I plan to continue coming back to them as we go through various published campaigns. I’ll be using some content from The Enemy Within, though with highly morphed story line and backstory. Even so I’m sure I’ll go back to your sessions for inspiration.

    And of course your maps are great resources. Thanks for sharing your games over the last couple years!

  • Hello guys,
    thanks from one of your big fans for another finished campaign! I felt that the finale session was not terribly inspiring, though, and even had the impression that the players’ concentration was slipping a little with all the pizza baking and stuff – but to my view that is because The Gathering Storm is just not a very good campaign as it is published. I felt the players were far more involved, say, at the ending of The ENemy Within or the finale of The WItches Song. Options at the end are not great for the players. Though the chase through the storm is good, what more can you da than shoot the bad guy from afar?

    That said, I really hope you get to playing and recording WFRP3 again, although that seems unlikely if you start playing The Mountains of Madness Campaign now. Will you broadcast that at all?
    Thanks again for great listening experiences, and think about it: This one wasn’t the right session to end your Warhammer episodes 😉

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