Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 10

pic508527_mdThe investigators explore the City of the Elder Things.  They learn about the ancient culture, explore it’s surface, its lower levels, and perhaps discover something more.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Part 10”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been waiting to see someone tackle this campaign for ages and after stumbling over this series I couldn’t be happier, great keeping and good players. Keep up the brilliant work and I will look forward to future episodes.

    1. So glad you’ve found us

      This campaign has been one I’ve been wanting to play for ages, and only in the last few years do I feel we have the right group to play, and enjoy it.

      I also really like that everyone is playing themselves, with their own stats, adds a fun realism to the tale.

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