Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Finale

pic508527_mdThe ship is to arrive in Dunedin, New Zealand within the next few days.  But something has come along for the ride.  Will the investigators discover the thread and dispose of it before they arrive in the arms of the worlds news crews?  Or will disaster befall the Dunedin Harbor?

8 thoughts on “Beyond the Mountains of Madness: Finale

  • So what’s next? I’m just about to start this episode and inquiring minds want to know 😛

  • So I really would love to know what would have happened if the party had tried burning the blobs in the engine room…

    Thanks again for sharing your sessions – I appreciate them on my long commutes!

  • Hey guys, great achievement to run this in 14 sessions. What’s up next, I wonder, too. Will you return to WFRP3 for a while? That would be my favourite. Thrilled to see what’s coming up, ems

  • Love the Cthulhu gaming! Mountains of Madness is one of my favorite H. P. Lovecraft stories too. It was slow going at times (the adventure as written) but player humor helped carry the listener along until the story picked up more. Would have liked to see the players stay more in character at times, but it was a fun listen regardless. Think you’ll do some more Cthulhu in the future?

    • Thank you for the feedback! I’m pleased you enjoyed it. This was a campaign I was always interested in running. I agree it’s faulty at times and dry in others, it’s a relatively linear campaign and written in a railroady method, but I was always captivated by the story as a whole.

      Future CoC games are a possible, but we certainly have a home with warhammer.

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