The Thousand Thrones: Prologue

The adventurers find themselves in Marienburg, far to the northwest of The Empire.  A High Elf Swordmaster initiate, a Bretonnian Hedge Wizard, and two local Marienburgers find themselves unknowingly weaving their fates into a series of events that could change the world.

The Thousand Thrones: Character Creation

The party begins character creation for our new adventure, the WFRP2 Thousand Thrones campaign!  Leila, Chris, Jeremy, Nate and Jesse journey back to our favorite fantasy universe and up-convert a 2nd edition adventure into 3rd edition.

Boston Unveiled: Finale

The Cabal must decide the fate of three local mages. The ritual demands the sacrifice of two in order to resurrect the third.  Can they stop the scheming of an overzealous priest, a power hungry mage or an innocent girl who holds a secret?

Boston Unveiled: Part 3

The Cabal searches for answers. With ties to Native American sacrifices and other mysterious  rituals, the party must decide how, and who will be part of a nefarious plan.