The Thousand Thrones: Part 1

51Wp5ZESqjL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_The party begins their investigation into the Crusade of the Child in Marienburg’s Winkelmark, a poor area of town said to be the origin of the Crusade.

2 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 1

  • Great to have the group back! An interesting lot of unlikely characters, I liked the recruiting situation at the quarry. Maybe the tying in of the pistolier and the witch didn’t work as well. The adventure has a really cool story and the atmosphere of Marienburg is well done. Maybe again, a bit too much textbook reading and it’s also very railroady, but then again I see this has to be played out podcast-friendly.
    At any rate, I’m really interested to see where this will take you – and if I’ll finally be witness to a character death in mid-Campaign 😉
    Will be following the campaign for sure – do you intend to play all the parts?
    Cheers from Berlin,

    • Thank you for the feedback, we have enjoyed this campaign quite a bit so far. I agree the initial parts of the campaign are pretty linear, and yes we do try to run our adventures as written as best we can. This tends to lend itself better to audio and podcast recording and maybe more importantly allows the session lengths to be relatively consistent.

      Currently we have completed Part 1 of 9 which took about 3 sessions. I just started reading up on Part 2 which we will be recording this next week. Doing the math this could be quite a large campaign, somewhere in the 25-30 sessions (yikes!)

      I actually have run the end part of this campaign as a stand alone adventure for some friends at a con some years ago. It was one of the most memorable gaming experiences ever and i cant wait for this group to do it.

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