The Thousand Thrones: Part 5

51Wp5ZESqjL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_The party finds themselves  stuck in Pheifeldorf, forced to solve a series of mysteries while their credentials for travel are verified.  The plot thickens as a seemingly innocent chicken thievery turns fowl.

4 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 5

  • Could Nate’s character go speak with the nobles they are trying to get an audience with since his character is a noble? Or do they only speak to people by invite only? Was wondering as I listened today. Either way great show as always.

    • Unfortunately you are correct. We have had a few sick days and this time of the year is particularly busy with family and school starting up. We are on track to regroup on September 7th for our next recording. We game on Wednesdays, every other week.

  • Great gaming, guys! Although I felt that at some point the investigation of something as unimportant as a stolen chicken really bogged down and seemed to drag on and on and on, I absolutely enjoyed the role-playing. Especially Gitzman’s accents and characterizations of all those quaint NPCs are fantastic!
    I think, given that the “you are wanted”-set-up for the adventure is a bit hard to bring across, Gitz did a very good job to play the adventure as written. With the help of witty and humorous players, you have made the best of it.
    And never remind Johnny Tillotson’s old tune:
    “Walkin’ by my side
    Her lovely locomotion
    Keeps my eyes open wide
    Poultry in motion…”

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