The Thousand Thrones: Part 6

51Wp5ZESqjL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_The party sets off to investigate the noble Von Spiers family.  The investigation comes to a conclusion with a dark surprise.  Pheifeldorf may never be the same.

8 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 6

  • Good gaming again! Convincing Wendell Ott was funny to listen to. I also liked the way the adventure puts the final decision what to do about the vanished town lord into the character’s hands.
    But while I already found the Lucas/vampire connection a big surprise, the sudden and completely unannounced appearance of the strigoi out of nowwhere felt very deus ex machina – taking the power to act from the characters. A bit unfortunate, but: played out as written.
    Looking forward to Adventure 3 of the campaign!

    • Indeed it has been a bit, sorry for that. My wife and I have moved over the last few weeks and its been busy getting the house ready.

      But the good news is that we have a new dedicated game room/recording room, so new episodes are on the way shortly! I’m hoping to start the campaign up again next Wednesday the 9th.

  • That’s great to hear, has the “clock tower” moved to the new gaming room as well? I wish I had one, too. Have you moved within the same city, so that all the usual suspects will stay on board? Where do you live, anyway, I always wondered.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany .

    • ems,

      The ‘Clock Tower’ was actually an old clock at our friend Dave’s house. We used to play and record there in the early days. Sadly we don’t record there any longer.

      We live and record in Folsom, California, just outside of Sacramento. And luckily we have moved within the same city, so the same crew will continue on.

      I just finished building the new game table and decorating the room. We are pumped and ready to get some new episodes rolling!


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