The Thousand Thrones: Part 10

51Wp5ZESqjL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_Face to face with Karl, the second coming of Sigmar, the party finds themselves with a new set of values and agendas.  The Crusade of The Child works its way closer to the capital Altdorff.

3 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 10

  • Great episode again. First thought, the forced alignment change would be all too railroady – but once the players accepted this as a roleplaying challenge it turns out to be an actual opportunity. Love the camp politics and all. Only found Adam’s unexpected return to the group a little disturbing – he was playing his thief so low profile I only realized at the end there was another character… didnt work for me. But apart from that: Thanks again, I really enjoy the Campaign and I’m thrilled to see where it all ends up.

    • Emsstrand, thank you for the feedback! Im really enjoying this adventure so far, lots of challenges for the PCs and the GM. I think we will have a lot to discuss as a most mortem on this adventure, it has elicited a lot of conversations around design, writing, rail roading, etc.


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