The Thousand Thrones: Part 12

Nate gets attached to a new friend, Altdorff holds a new host of problems and the party find themselves chasing after a masked vigilante.

One thought on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 12

  • This was a really cool episode! It’s getting grim, dark and dangerous. Great roleplaying by Nate, when he unselfishly stayed very much in character and accepted his sure death. The meta discussion following on this disinflated the high tension for me, though. I found the discussion interesting for the podcast, but it also spoilt the fun to see a character in real danger. From my point of view, it’s good to try and preserve your main characters in a campaign. But… occasionally, you should allow a character to die, to maintain tension.
    By the way, I thought it was a pity that you have taken to address Nate’s character always as “Nate” and not by the character’s name (as you do with Neffen). Up to a point where I have even forgotten what’s our dumb noble is actually called – and it seems the players have forgotten about it, too… To my view, sticking to the game names makes for better immersion.
    PS:; As an aside, how come you didn’t use corruption points when the Nurglish rats were thrown into the tent, but used that d10 system?
    Thrilled to see how this evolves, the campaign has its very own feeling to it. Take care

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