The Thousand Thrones: Part 18

The party reunites with an old friend, forces their way into a sphincter and confronts the Cult of Nurgle on their home turf. Old and new friends abound.

One thought on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 18

  • Thank you for an epic episode!
    That final battle was awesome. While I must say that having the vampires turn up at each and every climax of the adventures as written, Gitz & Cie really made the best out of it. The Ogre was such a smashing
    success that I think it’s the next character class I wanna try myself. The battle was pitched and held tension to the end and dramatic cliffhanger. The Ogre holding the door (Hodor!) and saving ‘Edwig was so cool.
    Also, playing out Leo’s affliction even more really adds up to the Old World mood, great gaming here.
    Hope you get at it again, soon.
    Best from Berlin, Emsstrand

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