The Thousand Thrones: Part 19

The party reunites with the Crusade of The Child, though everything is not as it once was.  Karl is back but so are some old acquaintances. The group has a hefty meta chat about motivation and what to do with Leo.

2 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Part 19

  • Good idea to cut the meta discussion out and put it at the end. To me, this was the most interesting part of this episode!
    I think it’s great what Nat does and what you have decided to do as a group about his mutation. This is an inherently warhammerish theme that should be explored more. Warhammer as a game and setting wants to slowly warp and destroy its protagonists, and this is the first time you actually play this out in the podcast (apart from the ending of TEW2). Nat’s reasoning about his fall from grace and his hate for his companions is convincing and very humane. I would still vote for him to roll up a new and more useful character, like some acolyte of Karl’s, but keep on playing short interludes of Leo skulking and scheming in the background. In our group, we have temporarily allowed players to play two PCs at the same time, and it can work out well, if one of them really is a secondary PC who only appears once in a while (maybe even as a half-NPC, partially contrrolled by the GM but played by the player when it comes to a scene)
    So: Great Old World Gaming! 🙂

  • PS: I’d really be interested in the rules for inactive PCs Chris mentions. In which book exactly can I find them, or if it’s just a page or two, how else could I get that? I am looking for inspiration for doing this in my own campaign, but would have players roll narrative dice.

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