The Thousand Thrones: Finale

The party pursues Karl to a fetid pool in the hills of Kislev.  The fate of The Child, the fate of The Empire rest in the hands of an unlikely and unwilling group of saviors. Will they rise to the challenge?  Will the prophecies of the Thousand Thrones be fulfilled?

2 thoughts on “The Thousand Thrones: Finale

  • Hi. Totally loved this podcast. Just wondering though, how did you end up in Kislev when in the last episode you were headed to sylvania?

    • Oh man, wish it was a smoother transition. We needed to end the campaign, we fast tracked a few components and sped us towards a conclusion. We effectively skipped the second to last chapter which took place in Kislev (I’m a bit bummed we skipped it).

      Hopefully you still enjoyed the campaign and our shenanigans.

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