Mouse Guard: Part 2

A possible danger surrounds Sprucetuck, the party investigates.  Liv and the gang explore the scent boarder to scout for possible weasel incursions.

4 thoughts on “Mouse Guard: Part 2

  • Absolutely loving Mouse Guard! You deserved a break from WFRP but don’t give up on it entirely! ūüôā

    Quick question, please, guys: You talk about helping each other on MG dice rolls and putting in “your colour” dice to see who helped and who didn’t… I’ve bought the 2nd edition box set (which I think that you have… All the dice are white! What do you mean, please?

    • Andrew,

      So separate from the MG dice, we each take a colored D6 from my stash and use that when assisting another player in an action. From what our GM tells us, we can assist with up to two dice in an action.

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