The Cure: Part 1

The party receives a mysterious letter mentioning a “Miracle Worker” who can cure mutations of Chaos. If true this could herald in a new era for humanity. But such rumors shouldn’t be taken lightly, for someone’s miracle can be another nightmare.

One thought on “The Cure: Part 1

  • Huzzah! The gang is back. I was missing Nat, but I really like the new player, too! Great accent and roleplaying of this weird, terrifyingly friendly witch-hunter.
    Concerning the new party, just as Leila, at first I had serious doutbs on how this group should ever work together. But then, somewhere after the visit to the noble’s house, witch-hunter Rollo shows some unexpected character traits which seem to make for an interesting, working dynamic.
    As for the adventure: Really interesting basic idea! Any listener of RDP should know that Leila has a thing for mutants, so here comes the fitting scenario. What if… there was a cure for chaos mutations? This makes for very interesting moral and ethical questions and is very Warhammer at the same time. I have explored this theme with my own group. It goes very well with the excellent (and free) scenario “Noblesse oblige” as a prequel. After “Noblesse” and some more adventures in between, I also steered my player to a place where a miracle worker was meant to be practicing: “The Colony” is an adventure from 1st ed. WFRP “The Dying of the Light”, revolving around a maverick Shallyan hospice in the Wasteland north of Marienburg. I ripped it and introduced some ancient Lava Pools, where men could try and magically “wash off” their mutations – or die during the extremely ardous process. The whole thing blasted our group apart and made for an excellent campaign finale.
    So, back to “THE CURE”: I like the outset a lot. The initial investigation is too one-tracked for my taste, it felt like it needed more hints, ideas and editing. Great scene at the noble’s house, anyway, with some suprises! Later on, fine atmosphere on the road and especially later in the forest – a good cliffhanger, too!
    One more thing: Since the scenario is by GM Jesse AND player Leila, I was asking myself as to how much of the scenario is actually known to Leila. Does she have to separate player/character knowledge all of the time?

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