The Cure: Part 2

Surrounded by the forest, the party finds themselves confronted with an encampment filled with mutants! They must find out what is going on in the Drakwald, they must verify validity of the ‘Miracle Worker’.

2 thoughts on “The Cure: Part 2

  • I think this was an excellent homebrew adventure, thanks a lot! With some extras and modifications, I think this is really worth publishing, as it touches on some very interesting aspects of the Warhammer World.
    I liked the element of surprise, in here. When they get to the miracle worker, things are really not as someone would imagine before. But apart from the pit, which even players found too obvious and too scary for the patients on sight, it’s all quite credible. Finding no apparent aggression adds a lot to the creepy atmo of the place. The arrival of the Chaos sorcerer and his gang was also really surprising and is a very good GM device: As a “floating” scene, this can be added at any moment the GM deems convenient to rise the pressure and get to the finale.
    This was a very tough adventure, too. Obviously, fighting was no option here, once you had discovered the golem and the evil mutants. I think the solution the authors of the scenario might have had in mind for this mess would have been the following: Cooperate with the mircale worker, once the Chaos sorcerer has arrived, and make him deliver s speech to his patients from the upper window, to sway them to the good side and fight against the evil intruders. This way, even the wonderfully disgusting golem might have worked on the groups’ side. In spite of having a witch hunter in the group, this would even have been possible, because the witch hunter had wisely stayed outside.
    So, I had a great time with your first selfmade scenario. It was good, too, to get a view of the new rules, although I sometimes found that a bot overdone or forced on the players. But maybe that’s also because I’m not a fan of d100 systems anymore, especially when characters’ stats are so low they hardly ever get anything done on their own. But that’s another discussion…
    Cheers! Ems.

    • Ems your feedback as always is greatly appreciated. I’d like some day to rerun this with some modifications and see if i can solidify it into something worth sharing.

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