Night of Blood: Part 1

After fleeing the mutant encampment the party finds themselves lost in the Drakwald Forest. A storm is brewing and they need to find shelter for the night. The Hooded Man, a humble coaching inn should offer a good nights rest, or will it?

2 thoughts on “Night of Blood: Part 1”

  1. Apart from the atmospheric beginning, this seemed more of an enhanced combat encounter than a proper adventure. Maybe that’s why the group seems to have lost interest in finishing this scenario, which is a very old wfrp old shelf-warmer anyway? 😉 I’d be happy to listen to some of the new scenarios from the Starter Set.

    1. Yea this one i was really looking forward to. it ran great in my head while reading it. But once we got going things derailed quickly and we just ran where it took us. Joe and Jay are new, they like to kill everything they see and ask questions later. Need to teach them to play with their food before eating it. =)

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