Making the Rounds: Part 1

The party takes a nice afternoon off to shop at the Marketplatz. Things devolve quickly and the party finds themselves in the legal hot seat. How will they settle into their new roles?

4 thoughts on “Making the Rounds: Part 1

  • More of a narration than an adventure where player can actually do something about the outcome.
    While this comes from a very well-designed book and does capture the Warhammer spirit spot-on, many players would rightly have difficulties to enjoy this railroad-rollercoaster. While you play the scenarios as written, I woud recommend a different approach for other groups: best play this with new characters and let them each invent their own little backstory about how and why they ended up unjustly in jail. Maybe one of them can work the cavalcade riot into thei backstory. Like that, it should feel more satisfying to the players to end up unjustly sentenced – at least on merits of their self-fabricated back-story!
    For already existing groups, a GM might use one the usual crimes adventurers are wont to perpetrate in Empire Cities, i.e. getting them there out of another ongoing scenario where they break in somewhere, steal sth. or the like.

  • Ems,

    Frankly i couldn’t agree more. Now i enjoy running these adventures as written for a variety of reasons, most notably as a source to pull from for other GMs and a chance to explore the Warhammer world as the authors intended. What i’m finding in the early adventures (If Looks Could Kill somewhat excluded) is that there is a LOT of railroading. If a group or GM want to follow the books and the wealth of materials provided, they kind of have to stick to the script. So many of the events written for the adventures further on in these books requires participation as written, or at least real close. I’m finding this to be even more so in the Rough Nights and Hard Days adventures.

    At this time having run several adventures in a row that both appear to be and feel railroady, im going to try a different approach to part 3 of Rough Nights and Hard Days, im going to see if i can strike a better balance between what has been written and what my players want to do. It may deviate from the planned adventure book, but we will see what happens.

  • Interesting to know that you saw things similarly. From listening, I sometimes got the impression that the railroading kinda stifled their own initiative, which is a real pity. It’s weird that the game designers haven’t done a better job there, because a lot of the books is top notch: the illustrations, NPCs, city details, and the gritty Warhammer feeling.
    I’d like to say that the WFRP3 adventures felt far less railroady, even though a campaign like “The Enemy within 2” required a lot of things to happen, for other things to make sense later on.
    Anyway, I’m intrigued how you will proceed differently in part 3 of Rough Nights…
    Keep rocking the Warhammer world,

    • Ems, as always i appreciate your thoughts.

      As we work towards A Night at the Opera, im looking forward to trying some tweaks now that i am aware of the impact of the railroadyness of the written content. I want the PCs to have more impact and engagement, so im going to try a different approach. Here’s hoping it works =)

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