A Rough Night at the Three Feathers: Part 2

The chaos of the evening continues as trouble erupts from the Morrian’s room. A murderer is afoot, accusations fly, a PC is promoted! A rough night indeed!

3 thoughts on “A Rough Night at the Three Feathers: Part 2

  • And now RDP has their own multiverse!
    Do you remember doing an adventure over skype with the Old World League (One of the characters was Stone Paunch)? The GM of that had his character in the adventure too, and you were escorting him to Kemperbad to be the Gravin’s champion after he had played through “Rough Night”!
    I happened to be in that Rough Night adventure too and recorded it. If anybody wants to hear an alternative play through of the adventure they can click on this link!

  • Hellooo! Thank you for this one, I had a blast! One can see why this is an eternl classic of Wfrp. Good GMing with all these different plot lines. For a moment, I thought “ouch!”, when Gitz slipped the word “cultists” too early, but it really didn’t matter. Good thing was: I have GM’d this, but I really didnt remember who the assassin was, so I had all the thrill, and even had to puase and think: Who was this Eliza again?

    As a sidenote, in my session, I turned the halfling gambler into the assassin, to make the stealthy attack through the chimney more believable. One character was actually keeping watch inside the big fireplace, when the halfling came down and (in the dark) stepped on the dwarf characters’ head, who had fallen asleep at that time. It woke him up when the halfling stabbed at hom from above and almost killed him. Then, the assassin tried to flee upwards through the chimney again. But the dwarf took his blunderbuss and did an “Overload shot” (Wfrp3) up the chimney, blasting the hell out of the little villain, who dropped down in blackened pieces… good fun! But I also liked the way Eliza was shot down just before slipping into the woods, in your session.


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